Chairman's Message

" The destiny of our country is being shaped in our class rooms " 

-Kothari Commission 

           Education is the most powerful weapon which can transform the world. It truly determines the level of prosperity in a country. Today's world is changing constantly and to keep up with the change, learning also should be continuous process.

      India has rich tradition of learning which has focused on development of inner self.  65% of Indian population is below the age of 35. To lead this young population to great prosperity,  schools play a very important role in shaping these young minds.  As Kothari Commission has stated  "The destiny of our country is being shaped in our class rooms"

      At Vagisha,  Academic Achievement will be the hallmark of quality education.  Adolescence with high  academic achievement have not only determined his/her status in the classrooms but proven to have determined his/her social identity,  social acceptance, Career and ultimately aided in healthy nation building process.  Academic achievement depends on the abilities like intelligence, aptitude, imagination, memory, good study habits, perception and physical fitness.  Our curriculum is designed to develop these traits among the students right from their kindergarten. 

      Our school will provide safe and supportive environment instilling students with perfect blend of academic, sports, artistic and social values. Radiating the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda at our school, education will be  Man-Making, Life-Giving and Character Building.  Students will graduate with confidence, self-esteem and resilience to tackle challenges in their future endeavors.

   I warmly invite parents and students to be a part of the Vagisha family, sharing common ideas and aspirations as we forge through a proven challenging and enriching educational experience for our students. 

Vande Matharam

B.Jagadeeswaran B.E., M.S (U.S.A)