Club Activities


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is more important than ever in this high-tech world. It helps the students to develop their technical skills in designing, building and programming robots. Robotics club in Vagisha focuses on making the students work in teams actively. We firmly believe in working in a planned, organized and disciplined manner and develop the students’ practical skills. We encourage the students to do group activities like building a Car bot, House bot, Fan Bot, etc. in order to develop their assembling, connecting and programming skills.

Eco Club

ECO (Environmental Conservation Organization) club plays a vital role in creating environmental awareness among the students. It helps them to keep the surrounding green and clean.  At Vagisha, the Eco club encourages the students to take up environmental activities and projects. We focus on promoting the students to make projects like planting saplings, collecting news on Air pollution, Eco Birds feeder, models for Water conservation, etc. Also motivate the students how to imbibe the habits and lifestyle for minimum waste management. 


Music is the connection between tune, rhythm and the lyrics which helps in expressing one’s feelings. Music helps in better brain development, improves confidence and enthusiasm, and even helps in reducing stress levels. At Vagisha, the Music club focuses on developing a powerful framework which helps the students to become passionate and ambitious musicians to explore their own professional talents. We train the students in Carnatic music, devotional and patriotic songs.


Silambam is one of the most spiritual Martial Art. Practicing Silambam activates the co-ordination of the left and right brain. It helps the students to gain good stability and mental health, improves body flexibility, mind and body balance. Silambam club in Vagisha focuses on improving the fitness and self-defense of the students.


The interest in Karate among the students keeps increasing across the world, as it helps them to build self-confidence, emotional skills. It is one of the Martial Arts which improves physical fitness, mind and body coordination. Our Karate club focuses on various activities which helps the students to improve their mental strength, focus, and strong determination towards the goal. 


Children in this academic environment need to learn and absorb many things. So, their minds need to be alert at all times to grasp the various concepts that are taught to them. By practicing Yoga daily, students can gain better grasping power, stamina, memory and attention span. The Yoga club in our school practices various kinds of Asanas, Pranayama and meditation techniques which enhance the mind power of the students and focus towards their goals.


Dance is one of the traditional arts which helps the students to realize their potential. It uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication. Vagisha provides an exclusive training to the students in Classical dance. We teach students the perfect postures, seven Adavu, mudras and moves in order to make students a great professional dancer. 

Reading Club

Reading club encourages the students to understand the importance of reading. It is an effective way for the students to engage with literature, encourage collaborative learning, and learn how to use the language to express their feelings and opinions. In Vagisha, we encourage reading among the students by conducting various games like Treasure hunt, mapping it out and various activities like Text to yourself (write and read aloud), Sort as per group, read aloud a class, Magazine reading, act it out, Article writing about Chandrayaan 3, Prepare a cover page model which is related to their story.