Primary Pedagogy

Thinking and inquiry skills form the bedrock of the pedagogy at Vagisha Vidhyalaya through which the basic skills in all subjects would further be enhanced and higher level skills would be introduced to challenge students and stimulate their interest. Students are encouraged in their own area of interest which helps them to become competent and capable learners.

English is the medium of instruction and taught as a First Language. The regional language Tamil is taught as a second language and Hindi as a third language. Interpersonal and public speaking skills  help students  adapt to different situations.

During Primary School,children’s basic skills in all subjects are enhanced. Additionally, students are introduced to higher-level thinking and application-based problem sets that stimulate the development of their critical and analytical skills. Learning is enriched by a number of extracurricular activities such as drama, storytelling, poetry, music, modules, discussions and a wide range of artistic activities.