Competitive Exams

Competitive exams are intended to measure and develop the exam-taker's knowledge, IQ, logical and analytical thinking, aptitude, reasoning, or any other skill based on the topic of the exam. The purpose of competitive exams is not only to judge the students' talent but also to test their management and planning skills. It will enhance the skill of understanding the application of concepts which is required in a broader context when we appear for exams like JEE, NEET, Civil Services and many others.


Hummingbird is also the first institution in India to conduct regional language Olympiad Humming Bird Spell Bee improves a student’s crossword, idiom, and phrase knowledge, as well as their ability to make an argument and read comprehension. The main objective of Humming Bird - Spell bee, is to motivate the students to understand the in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as to enhance their factual, conceptual, reasoning, logical, analytical & problem solving skills. This helps the students to realize their true intellectual potential.


The International Olympiad of Mathematics (ION) is widely considered the premier educational event for math enthusiasts from all around the world.It is a highly anticipated exam that ignites the imagination of students and provides them with a chance to showcase their true potential. IOM is an essential event that not tests the mathematical knowledge and competency of students but also provides them with an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and apply their knowledge in practical settings.


Little Star Olympiad has been designed to provide the foundation where a child needs to succeed in elementary school and beyond. The main motto of the Olympiad is to make them understand the basic concepts that they will need to negotiate the immediate environment, language skills apt for their age, an ability to pay attention for specified periods of time, ability to reason and more. The Olympiad ensures a child to train rather than strain

NTS (National Talent Search Contest)

The CIGKL is known for its devotion in creating interest among students towards General Knowledge, Science and Mathematics and is playing a virtue of its experience in all the subjects. This NTS Exam encourages the youngsters to improve their knowledge so as to find a place for them in today's competitive world right from the very beginning. 


English Marathon is a competition where the children are motivated to improve upon their expertise in usage of English Language on their own. With the enhancement in vocabulary, children are able to express themselves in a better manner. It has been designed to bring eagerness in students to use new words. They understand the meaning and improve the language skills. 

WRITING WIZARDS (Handwriting competition)

Writing Wizards Handwriting Competition is conducted by Wiz ExtraSchool. Extra school presents a one stop destination to a healthy dose of extra fun. They host extra- Curricular activities and contests where we can see our kids shine at State and National - Level honors.  

SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation)

SOF is an Educational Organization, popularizing academic competition and assisting development of competitive spirit among school children. It was established with the aim of promoting Science, Mathematics, Computer Education, English, Social Studies, General Knowledge and professional courses. Science Olympiad Foundation has been striving for over 25 years to promote scientific attitude and temperament through innovative activities and use of IT in learning processes that involve school students across the globe. 

NSO - National Science Olympiad 

The National Science Olympiad (SOF- NSO)assesses the natural aptitudes and science abilities of pupils ranging from the first to the 12th grade. The NEP aims to promote Olympiads as it facilitates the development of vital problem-solving, critical thinking, and reasoning capabilities among students. 

National Cyber Olympiad

The National Cyber Olympiad is designed to provide young students with a platform to identify and nurture their academic talents in the field of computers, preparing them for the competitive world from an early age.


LogIQids is an education platform founded by IIT-IIM graduates to develop the mental aptitude in kids from Sr KG till class 9. The gamified worksheets help enhance the kids with various critical skill-sets like critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity in their young age.

PCM - Progressive Curriculum Management

PCM has emerged as one of the most trusted names in India’s school education sector, touching the lives of over eight lakh children annually. They believe that sound education is vital for the holistic development of an individual. One of their core focus area foundations are the primary and upper-primary levels. This Exam provides a platform for the students to test their knowledge across different subjects and call for problem - solving ability and conceptual clarity along with scholastic aptitude. 

TALLENTEX - Allen's Talent Encouragement Exam 

ALLEN is India's Most Trusted & Result Dominating institute with a rich academic legacy since 1988. The TALLENTEX exam is the beginning of lucrative milestones for young students from class V to X. It provides a platform for students to showcase their skills, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities. By participating in TALLENTEX, students gain exposure to a competitive environment that prepares them

 for the challenges of higher education and professional life