Pre-Primary Pedagogy

To make the journey of a child in quest to acquire knowledge in an enjoyable way the curriculum of the Pre-primary division of Vagisha Vidhyalaya has been designed. Visual and audio components have been injected into its curriculum to help the children to increase their attention span, understanding, diction, pronunciation, and language skills. Games and activities are designed to develop the motor skills, hand-eye coordination of the children and   special weightage to the Play-way &  Montessori Methods of teaching whereby the acquiring of knowledge does not become a burden for the students. 

Field Trips are organized to carefully chosen destinations to achieve the joint goals of education and recreation of the students. “Special days” are celebrated. We organize competitions at inter division levels to bring about a competitive spirit amongst our students.

To foster better understanding of different cultures and religions, the school celebrates all the Festival during the year, to imbibe the spirit of tolerance and acceptance of various religions and cultures that cohabit in our society. The monthly themes are dotted with interesting session as part of circle time to provide the foundation that they deserve.